Freedom Grams. Thousands of people are still incarcerated in the US for what can now
be legally bought: cannabis. So we launched Freedom Grams, a cannabis brand that
comes in the exact amounts that people are still in prison for, with all the proceeds going
towards ending cannabis injustice.

Agency: Serviceplan IO
Category: Design


Executive Creative Director: Franz Röppischer
Executive Creative Director: Lorenz Langgartner

Copywriter: Sandra Valencia
Art Director: Eduardo Álvarez Lucas

Jr. Copywriter: Shruthi Subramanian
Jr. Art Director: Rohil Borole
Jr. Art Director: Kai West Schlosser

Creative intern: Anastasiia Cherniavska
Creative intern: Ku, Changkyu
Creative intern: Lorenzo Colnaghi
Creative intern: Reinier Wortman

And many more...
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